About Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com

Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com is a one stop cleaning operation with the ability to offer services in most major centers throughout these United States. Whether you require carpet, area rug, upholstery, tile and grout and automobile interior cleaning or window furnishing, wooden floor, air duct or water, flood and fire damage treatment, you will find that we are leaders in the field offering these services to both residential and commercial clients.

Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com has trained its personnel in the use of state of the art technology and the best cleaning agents so that we can guarantee your satisfaction. Using our experience and know how, we are able to select the equipment and materials most suited to expertly treating your type of product at prices you can afford. Because Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com's expertise means that we know how to apply just the right quantities of wetting agents, thus reducing drying time and minimizing the possibility of shrinkage, soaking and mildew growth.

Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com's residential services include wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, regular area rug cleaning, delicate antique and special rug (Persian and hand-made rugs etc.) cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wooden floor treatment and repairs, window furnishings, water, flood and fire damage treatment and all other household cleaning service requirements. We use self-neutralizing, biodegradable and non-toxic chemicals and compounds so that we always leave your rugs with a fresh clean appearance.

No job is too large and, in addition to the standard residential services, Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com also provides our commercial clientele a full range of maintenance and cleaning services. We are the best in our field.
Try us - you won't be sorry.

Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com also offers automobile interior cleaning. We attack all the ingrained dirt, fatty acids and stubborn stains that accumulate on automobile seats, dashboards, carpets and panels, leaving your car with a fresh news appearance.

Remember our belief:
"Miracles done immediately, impossibilities may take a few minutes"

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