Use Air Duct Cleaning to Live Healthier Life

Companies that are less than professional often underestimate the importance of proper air duct cleaning service. With Carpet-Cleaning-Pro .com, however, you can be sure that you will get the proper treatment.

HVAC and air duct cleaningWe won't do anything until you see that there is contamination that justifies cleaning of air ducts. We consider it our duty to explain all the chemical bi-oxides and treatments, giving you firsthand knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of the service process. We will also provide you with references of other satisfied customers.

Our technicians are well trained and our air duct cleaning equipment is irreplaceable. We use only procedures that guarantee protection of householders and pets from contamination.

Once cleaning is complete and all components have been replaced, Carpet-Cleaning-Pro .com will not leave your home or office until it is absolutely certain that both the cooling and heating processes are operating properly.


Our experts especially trained to handle asbestos-containing materials.

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