Carpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com FAQ's

What should I know before buying an expensive carpet?

Make sure that you buy a carpet that meets all the required standards as to color-fastness, shrinkage and fiber. Remember, your carpet is going to need maintenance to keep it looking good and cheaper carpets might not be worthwhile in the long run.

I have recently bought a very expensive Oriental area rug. It looks exquisite now. How can I keep it looking good?

The first thing to know about maintaining carpets is that initial treatment begins at home. Use a two motor vacuum cleaner as you are going to need a brushing mechanical action to dislodge very deeply ingrained soil particles, which are highly corrosive on your carpet fiber. However, when vacuuming the fringed edges, you would be well advised to switch off the brush motor as this could be damaging to the fringes. Remember! Your vacuum cleaner needs two qualities - effective but gentle mechanical brushing and a strong suction to remove as much free soil as possible. You would be well advised to send your Oriental for professional cleaning twice a year in addition to your weekly maintenance.

I have a twenty year-old beautiful Chesterfield suite. In the past I sent it for cleaning every two years or so. Now it is looking a bit worn in places. Can it still be cleaned?

Do not attempt to clean this suite by yourself. You might cause irreversible damage. Call in a cleaner, who can give you references from satisfied customers over the last year or so. He will be professional enough to advise you on the advisability of various cleaning methods or not to attempt cleaning at all.

My air ducts have not been cleaned for some time. Is it really necessary to clean them?

Air ducts do not generally need regular cleaning, it depends on your A/C use. Give the cleaners the job once they have satisfied you completely that the duct indeed needs cleaning for more efficient air-conditioning and heating and that they have the capability, equipment and know-how to avoid soiling the rest of your house while doing the job.