Carpet Cleaning Detroit

Carpet Cleaning Detroit offers top rated professional carpet cleaning services throughout Motor City. Their full menu of carpet upholstery cleaning services, house cleaning services, business cleaning services, auto interior and detailing services, and more, are all backed by the famous Detroit Carpet Cleaning guarantee.

Detroit Carpet Cleaning - Professional Services

Many people don't realize the toll that regular use takes on your furniture and floor coverings. Every footstep grinds debris stuck on the bottom of your shoes into carpet surfaces - even onto wood floor varnishes. Natural body oils, not to mention drips and spills, sink into furniture upholstery. Vacuum cleaners suck up loose dirt and dust particles, but don't have the power to remove particles that fall deeper into carpets and furniture cushions. Fabrics and fibers begin to show premature signs of wear and tear. Your carefully chosen interior design begins to lose its luster. Detroit Carpet Cleaning, the highest rated professional carpet cleaning service in the city, harnesses the power of steam to pamper and protect your décor.

Carpet Cleaning Detroit Eco-friendly

The Carpet Cleaning Detroit eco-friendly carpet cleaning machines utilize the green cleaning power of steam to make quick work of cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting practically any surface. Wall to wall carpeting, carpet tiles, indoor outdoor carpeting, upholstery, window treatments, even tile and grout all get cleaner, faster with steam cleaning techniques. Unlike dry cleaning, which leaves behind the lingering scent of toxic chemicals, or carpet shampooers, which leave behind traces of carpet cleaning product that could be harmful to pets and children, carpet steam cleaners remove dirt, grime and even dust mites without leaving behind any unpleasant by-products.

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