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Houston Carpet Cleaning brings out-of-this-world professional carpet cleaning services to Texas's own global city - Houston, TX. Our trustworthy, highly-trained staff uses only state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines and an eagle-eye for detail to renew and refresh Houston's interiors. We provide a spectrum of services that range anywhere from comprehensive home cleaning services, commercial cleaning and carpet upholstery cleaning services, to tile and grout cleaning and wood floor cleaning - we'll even clean up your yard if you want us to. If you are the victim of a fire or flood, the special task force at Houston Carpet Cleaning can help minimize the damage and provide restoration services as well.

Houston Carpet Cleaning is as committed to protecting the environment as it is to providing the cleanest clean possible. After dedicating great effort in researching cleaning methods that have the least ecological impact, and comparing the results of cleaning with each of them, Houston Carpet Cleaning is confident that the methods and carpet cleaning machines they use - carpet steam cleaners and well maintained vacuum cleaners with optimized suction - do the job with the least ecological impact. Steam cleaning has been proven to be environmentally safe and effective in removing not dirt, dust, grim and the illusive dust mite. Unlike dry cleaning or traditional carpet shampooers, steam cleaning is a cleaner clean, requiring no harsh detergents or toxic chemicals. In fact, children, pets and people suffering from respiratory problems like allergies or asthma will breathe easier as soon as the cleaning process is complete.

Houston Carpet Cleaners
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