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New York, NY Upholstery & Carpet CleaningDo you want to restore your carpet & upholstery to their former beauty, but don't know how? Call carpet cleaning New York professional cleaners and get rid once and for all from the oily residue that builds up on your carpets.

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New York carpet cleaning service.
If you're a home or a business owner, you probably know that there comes a point when vacuum cleaners just won't cut it. You'll be pleased to know that the experts at Carpet Cleaning New York serve most areas of the Big Apple. We're the people to call when you require carpet upholstery cleaning services.
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Steam Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Cleaning New York

We at Carpet Cleaning New York use the method that the professional carpet cleaning industry agrees is the single most effective method for removing deep grime from carpets - steam cleaning. You've probably seen those carpet cleaning machines for rent at your local department store , but don't be fooled. Our truck-mounted carpet steam cleaners and powerful but gentle products will deliver results that those rental machines simply can't.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We can also provide dry cleaning for upholstery and fabrics that contain dyes that may bleed when the fabric gets wet or fabrics that can be damaged by water. Call Carpet Cleaning New York at 646-688-4917 for more information.

"You have saved me a lot of trouble. My nursery home was flooded and it was very important to clean it as soon as possible. I called for several carpet cleaners in NYC but all of them want to charge me emergency service fee. Thank you for your quick respond and affordable price." - Dave Lee

"We needed a nationwide company for commercial carpet cleaning purpose. We chose Carpet Cleaning Pro to clean our large office building carpets in New York, their cleaners are very dedicated and professional.‎" - James Hinkle

"Carpet Cleaning New York gave me an amazing and great cleaning. I never realized how dirty my rug was until they came to clean it. The difference was unbelievable and it looked like I bought a new one." - Marilyn Wilson


So, if you live in New York, make a discerning choice and hire Carpet Cleaning New York. Our carpet shampooers, fresh-smelling products, friendly staff, and, above all, the incredible results we deliver will convince you that you've made the right decision. Call us right away at 646-688-4917.