Our Carpet Cleaning Services

As our name suggests, Carpet Cleaning Pro grants expert carpet cleaning services, but you'll be pleased to know that's far from all we do. In fact, there's probably not a room in your home that wouldn't benefit from at least one of the cleaning services we can offer.

Not surprisingly, our upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning service is second to none. Using powerful carpet cleaning machines and effective products, we can leave all of the carpeted surfaces in your home, as well as your furniture, looking wonderful, feeling soft, and smelling fresh and clean. Our products leave no residue, and this effective steam cleaning method is also suitable for commercial carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Ask about our non chemical carpet cleaning services if you're concerned about chemicals being used in your home or you or someone you know suffers from asthma, allergies, or environmental sensitivities.

We also offer some services you might not expect from a carpet cleaning company. Our car interior cleaning is one service you should really treat yourself to. We tend to let dirt pile up in our cars more than in our homes, and vacuuming the interior doesn't do much except remove large dust particles, but our steam cleaning method will penetrate deep into the upholstery to truly leave it looking as fantastic on the inside as on the outside. We also offer wood floor refinishing, which will restore the beauty and sheen to your wood floors.

A clean home involves much more than just clean carpets and upholstery. Carpet Cleaning Pro offers a number of other services as well. We offer window treatments and tile and grout cleaning to all of our customers.

Cleaning ceramic tiles and grout is a tough, messy job, and the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Pro will remove all traces of oil, mold, and mildew from these surfaces.

Air duct cleaning is essential if you want to have good air quality in your home, and our chemical free air duct cleaning is perfect for those who may be sensitive to harsher products.

As you can see, Carpet Cleaning Pro really can do it all. We are committed to satisfying our customers and exceeding all of their expectations. So whether it's spring cleaning time or you just have some stubborn odors, stains, or grime you really want to get rid of, feel free to call us to inquire about our services.