Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

HVAC and air duct cleaningCarpet-Cleaning-Pro.Com is now serving the greater area of Indianapolis. Our new service provider there is Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis. This service has endured the hardest tests and has achieved our highest qualification result.

Professional Cleaning Service

Our residential or commercial environment requires constant maintenance not only for it to function properly but also for health reasons. Most of us spend our time indoors and must have a clean healthy environment for a long lasting life.

A Professional Cleaning Service does just that. We believe in the total package deal and not only to clean your carpets but also your carpets, rugs and air ducts. Ask our office about our house cleaning package.

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis
W Maryland St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Eco Friendly Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis has a vast amount of respect for our environment. That is the reason why we only practice in Eco Friendly Cleaning methods. Preserving the health of our clients is our goal. Investing time and money in researching better ways to deal with dirt, dust and containment's in a better green way.