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Thinking about replacing your carpets? Recovering your furniture (or buying new)? Call in Carpet Cleaning Dallas first - you may save yourself a bundle! That's right. Because Carpet Cleaning Dallas brings state-of-the-art, eco-friendly professional carpet cleaning services to Dallas, TX.

Dallas Carpet Cleaning services

Dallas Carpet Cleaning comprehensive services - including carpets - carpet tiles, wall-to-wall, etc, furniture and upholstery cleaning, air duct, house and yard cleaning - will not only help you live a healthier live, they'll greatly increase the lifespan of your furnishings.

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once every year, even more for high-traffic areas. Deep cleaning removes the dirt and grime that sinks to the bottom of your carpet, inaccessible to vacuum cleaners and carpet sweepers.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas Professional

When properly done, our carpet cleaners will renew and refresh the look, feel and smell of your floor coverings. Old-fashioned carpet cleaning organizations use messy carpet shampooers and dry cleaning chemicals leave residual toxic traces.We at Carpet cleaning Dallas use best products and newest methods to bring you the best results, Call us at 214-432-5864 for more information.

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Carpet Cleaning Pro branch in Dallas uses only the latest, environment friendly carpet cleaning equipment to achieve 'like-new' results on practically any carpet upholstery cleaning job. The secret is steam cleaning - proven to be the most efficient method for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting. It has also been shown to be the only carpet cleaning method capable of obliterating dust mites - which is good news in any house where allergies or asthma are a concern.

What's more, our cleaning staff will be only too glad to turn the carpet steam cleaners nozzle on other bacteria and mold hotbeds: kitchen and bathroom walls and counters, basins, shower stalls and shower doors for super-quick, odorless sanitizing.

Don't wait. Call 214-432-5864 for a free-estimate today.