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Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia provides top-rated, professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services throughout Pennsylvania.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia quality of service

From the minute you call on Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia for a free, no-hidden costs estimate 215-279-8337, up until the minute our ace carpet cleaners finished the job, it's all about the business of protecting your investment in home décor - furniture, carpets, carpet tiles, upholstery, etc and improving your indoor environment.

Protect Your Interiors, Protect Your Health

Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning equipment

When you spend a minute to think about it, the cleaning business is first and foremost about protection. Philadelphia Carpet Cleaning uses state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines that utilize the power of steam for practically all house cleaning services.

Steam cleaning, unlike dry cleaning and carpet shampooers, does not require the use of toxic chemicals or harsh detergents to achieve high-quality results. In fact, carpet steam cleaners have been proven to be the most efficient type of cleaning machine when it comes to removing embedded dirt, dust, grime and even dust mites, which in turn helps to control allergies and asthma.

Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia goes a step further and thoroughly vacuums all surfaces (carpets, floor, cushions, pillows, etc.) with industrial strength vacuum cleaners to further heighten the effectiveness of the steam cleaning process.

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Interior cleaning provided by us does more than protect your health. Our cleaning process will also refresh and renew carpets, window dressings, and upholstery as well as sanitize and disinfect kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Most carpet and upholstery fabric and fiber manufacturers recommend professional cleaning as an important step in minimizing the effects of normal wear and tear.

Don't wait until your furnishings look dull and drab, or worse... call 215-279-8337 for Carpet Cleaning Philadelphia today!

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